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Welcome to my site. Here is a sample of my graphics, photgraphy, illustrations. I have become more inclined to creating visualisations that simplify information complexity. Its quite new, will try to update. Hopefully this viviti stays free for sometime. You can purchase selected works here: http://www.clockworkgallery.co.uk/?p=1&a=CW


I set up a social network where people can sign up and share the visualisation discoveries that explore the creative and innovative ways of communicaticating complex information visually, please visit http://visualthinkmap.ning.com

Here are some of the latest additions:

Merry Xmas 2012

Merry Xmas everyone and have a happy new year!

photo 1024x768 Merry Xmas 2012

sorry not been posting more regularly. busy with projects, but when they get closer to complete i will be sure to start posting them…

The Monster is made with daily monster app for iOS by Stefan G Bucher, constantly adding updated and more parts t…

Film Narratives Maps

Film Story is an interactive online website that charts the history of film geographically.

‘we simply cannot ignore the fact that the public interacts with and learns about history primarily through film. What we can do instead is talk about the events of the past represented in film and use that d…

Wastelands to Wonderlands

I recently visited the British Library @britishlibrary in London where they explored literature ‘from William Blake to the 21st-century suburban hinterlands of J G Ballard, Writing Britain examines how the landscapes of Britain permeate great literary works.’

IMG 20120909 213111 Wastelands to Wonderlands

See the exhibition or checkout my f…

ArtCarto Blog

Just to let you know to track posts at this blog http://artcarto.wordpress.com/, one becuase it has some brilliant content and two because I have been invited to post for it.

0a90c9719237d138ae9bdc8bc5ef8d94 ArtCarto Blog

Read about this that I posted and follow for futher posts. http://artcarto.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/film-map/

Apologies fo…

Print It!

Went to @site_gallery today with colleague at Shift-Space.co.uk to catch the last day of Print it! in collaboration with @copypages.

 Print It!

Some briiliant works there. It’s always slightly disappointing but brilliant when little projects you start, for instance collecting things, like the insides of enve…